Board to meet at Westinghouse High School in November... Board to approve $13 million in privatization of 'snow removal services' and return to 'tax anticipation warrants'... Chicago Board of Education will add to massive and expensive privatization at October 22, 2014 meeting

Once again, the Chicago Board of Education will add to its expensive and controversial programs of privatization at its monthly meeting on October 22, 2014. Among the privatization deals on the agenda for the meeting . . .

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At the September 2014 meeting of the Chicago Board of Education, among the Board members present were (left to right) Henry Bienen, Mahalia Hines, Jesse Ruiz, and David Vitale. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.

More Than A Score organizing 'Park the PARCC' meetings across Chicago

"More than a Score," a Chicago group critical of high-stakes so-called "standardized" testing programs, has been organizing a campaign called "Park The PARCC" with community meetings around Chicago. The next meeting is scheduled for October . . .

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'...the radicals were removed from the bargaining table and an agreement was reached...' Hinsdale High School teachers union wins contract with a reminder that low voter turnout can put fanatics on your elected school board

Waukegan teachers are still on strike as I write this, but high school teachers in Hinsdale were able to win a contract without a strike after they organized community support and pushed three school board . . .

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World's Richest Man Tries to Defend Wealth Inequality... Bill Gates' critique of Thomas Piketty is revealing for what it overlooks...

[Editor's Note: The keynote speaker from the 2010 convention of the American Federation of Teachers has continued his rampage through logic in a recent discussion of income inequality and Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the 21st . . .

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Whenever Bill Gates pontificates on a social issue, his apologists usually ignore the fact that Bill Gates came from one of the wealthiest families in Seattle. Also ignored is the fact that Microsoft has made most of its money by buying up the patents and copyrights on the work of others and then defending its

'...Thousands Join Street Protest Before Raucous SRC Meeting...' Philadelphia activists escalate protests, as more than 3,000 march against 'School Reform Commission'

[Editor's Note: The following arrticle came to us on the Internet from and is followed by other sources about the same topic. In addition to highlighting the ongoing fight against corporte "school reform," the . . .

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Philadelphia protest against the latest outrages from the School Reform Commission.

Philadelphia students block showing of the reactionary movie 'Won't Back Down' at a meeting of the 'School Reform Commission,' while one SRC member screams that the students should be arrested and are from 'FAILING SCHOOLS'!...

Proving the even the worst ideas have eternal life once they are produced by Hollywood, the corporate "school reform" propaganda movie "Won't Back Down" was on the agenda for the meeting of the Philadelphia School . . .

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Members of the Philadelphia Student Union moved from their seats during a meeting of the so-called

Segregation policies led to 'Ferguson'... The Making of Ferguson.... Long before the shooting of Michael Brown, official racial-isolation policies primed Ferguson for this summer’s events.

[Editor's Note: The following article by Richard Rothstein appeared at the website of The American Prospect on October 15, 2014. We are reprinting it here because so much of what is narrated in the history . . .

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Ferguson protesters in St. Louis on October 11, 2014. Substance photo by Bob Simpson.

City Club to breathe new life into 'Advance Illinois' with November 20 featuring... Astroturf group and Robin Steans had almost disappeared from public debate because they are such shills for corporate reform and the 'one percent'

It looks like every bad idea to pass through Chicago and Illinois will be revitalized by some outpost of the ruling class between now and the next time the Illinois General Assembly meets. The City . . .

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Robin Steans, executive director of the group

'Wear Red For Karen' on Fridays, CTU says... 'I’ll continue to stand for the city we love and deserve; and look forward to joining you again on the battlefield...' Lewis tells union's members

Following the announcement that Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is out of the hospital and resting at home, the Chicago Teachers Union on Thursday, October 16, issued a bulletin headlined "Wear Red For Karen" . . .

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Chicago Teachers Union photo.

More segregation anyone? Should Chicago continue to cater to families who don't want to go to school with THEM? Hancock High conversion to a 'college prep magnet school' hearing scheduled for Tuesday

The public is being quietly invited to a significant hearing on whether Chicago Public Schools will continue to bow to pressure to increase racisl segregation during these years since the Board of Education of the . . .

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Chicago's Hancock

RAHMSWORLD: NAFTA's anniversary... Chicago's guys were a central part of the Clinton administration's NAFTA scheme -- and the other reactionary 'reforms' of the 1990s and since -- so we need to mark NAFTA's 20th anniversary accurately

One of the earliest attacks on working people and unions came during the Clinton administration, when amidst the reactionary attacks of "welfare reform" (which impoverished millions of poor children, leading the way to the worst . . .

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A recent photo of attorney George Munoz, who served as President of the Chicago Board of Education during the mid-1980s.

'Cheerleaders' forgot to bring their weapons?... Carver 'Military Academy' cheerleaders dress (and cheer?) for war -- but Carver's football team can't win against tiny Bowen High School in Columbus Day weekend game!

An exciting Saturday morning of football was held in Chicago's Eckersall Stadium October 11, 2014. South Chicago's Bowen High School beat Carver "Military Academy" [high school] 61 to 12 in a powerful show of determination . . .

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The cheerleaders from Chicago's Carver High School wore their school uniforms while holding their pom pons during the school's losing football game against rival Bowen High School in Chicago on October 11, 2014. Carver was converted into a

Ferguson means fight back: Thousands march in St. Louis against police violence

[Editor's Note: The following article was originally published at originally posted to KOSSACKS on SUN OCT 12, 2014. It was also republished by the Police Accountability Group. Bob Simpson is also a member of the . . .


Cornel West was among those arrested during civil disobedience as part of the demonstrations in Ferguson over the weekend of October 10 - 13, 2014.

'Our work is not about one leader, one race, or one election. Our work is about building progressive power to restore participatory democracy to Chicago...' Campaign office announces that Karen Lewis will not run for mayor of Chicago

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis will not continue in her bid to unseat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the coordinator of Lewis's "exploratory committee" announced on Monday, October 13, 2014. Lewis had been under treatment . . .

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In addition to leading the Chicago Teachers Union since 2010, Karen Lewis has become a national leader in the fight for justice, equity, and public schools. Above, on July 12, 2014, Lewis joined with Asean Johnson (then a ten-year-old CPS student) at the podium at the national convention of the American Federation of Teachers. While Johnson spoke, Karen Lewis (left), Jitu Brown (third from left), Randi Weingarten (second from right) and Loretta Johnson (right) looked on. Substance photo by Kati Gilson.

'...trying to micromanage 100,000 schools from Washington is precisely what Duncan has been doing...' Arne Duncan's six years of meddling criticized from 'right' to 'left'

When the Chicago Plan for corporate "school reform" was first launched in Chicago following the passage of the 1995 Amendatory Act [to the 1988 School Reform Act] by the all-Republican Illinois state government (the Senate, . . .

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Arne Duncan was not selected to be a part of the Cabinet of Barack Obama because of his basketball skills, but because he would ruthlessly impose the

LABOR BEAT: First Amendment protects the right to say f__k the draft, etc... Steven Salaita at the University of Chicago challenges University of Illinois censorship of pro-Palestinian views

Steven Salaita and Ali Abunimah at University of Chicago is a new Labor Beat video that covers in detail the increasing censorship and violations of free speech that are taking place in colleges and . . .

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Steve Salaita speaking at the University of Chicago. Labor Beat photo.

MEDIA WATCH: 'Ailing Chicago Union head...' DID NOT 'Step Down'... Ed Week gets the story wrong (after reporting it right) with a silly (and inaccurate) headline, seconded by Chicago pundit ('') who reports on Chicago from Brooklyn

[Editor's Note: Alexander Russo corrected the error on his blog less than two hours after we published the report below]... When the facts matter most, reporters usually try to get their facts straight. But few . . .

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Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey (above) told the press that President Karen Lewis has a

CTU: 'Karen Lewis underwent successful surgery.'... Sharkey will head union during Karen's recovery

The Chicago Teachers Union issued a press release prior to its October 9, 2014 press conference that state as below. No additional information was provided at the press conference. The news has been covered on . . .

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Jitu Brown (above speaking) was one of several speakers who gave their love and support to Karen Lewis during a rally at her old school, King HS, on October 9, 2014. Photo by Bob Simpson.

Karen Lewis get-well cards should be sent to CTU office, CTU asks... Lewis supporters continue circulating nominating petitions

The Chicago Teachers Union on behalf of Karen Lewis has asked its members and others to send Get Well cards to the CTU offices. "We will make sure that Karen gets them," CTU Vice President . . .

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Among the thousands of events by Karen Lewis was the July 12, 2014 appearance a the national convention of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) with Chicago public schools student Asean Johnson (at podium) and community leader Jitu Brown (right). Substance photo by Sharon Schmidt.

What's wrong with Lindblom, King, or Brooks -- except all those black kids?... Hancock High 'conversion' another example of Chicago's racism

There has been quite a bit of hyperventilating recently abut the Board of Education's announcement that it is going to "convert" the supposedly successful Hancock High School into an academic magnet high school (like Whitney . . .

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The October 9, 2014 editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times criticizes the Board of Education for wanting to turn Hancock High School into a magnet high school, but ignores the fact that much of the demand for a