RAHMWATCH: While grabbing headlines with Little League champions, Chicago's mayor gets flacks at the Sun-Times to ignore Rahm's record of hostility to real 'youth baseball' across Chicago

It was one of the feel good stories of the summer. Chicago's Jackie Robinson Wast Little League baseball team returned home to a water salute at Midway Airport and a lengthy parade and party through . . .

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The baseball field at Maplewood Park (1640 N. Maplewood in Chicago) was typical of the Chicago Park District's baseball fields the morning Rahm Emanuel was grabbing headlines with the national Little League champions, the Jackie Robinson West baseball team. The policies of the Emanuel administration have made it nearly impossible for young people to find decent playing fields in city parks for pickup games, and scheduled league games -- from Little League tee ball to

The Obama Betrayal... '... he posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency, a national security presidency...' How the Chicago Boys and the Chicago Plan conned the country with the fraudulent candidate and the Obama presidency

As the opening of school looms across the USA and teachers in Chicago prepare to return to their classrooms for a school year that might be called "Obama 4.0" (for the fourth school year of . . .

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Just as the role of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in the international financial crisis (through his directorship at AIG) was about to become a White House problem, Chicago arranged for Rahm to rush back to his local power base and create him as Mayor. Rahm's Wall Street corruptions was just one of the many facets of the corruption of the Obamas and their allies as they rose to power behind a smokescreen of fraud between 2005 and 2008, when Obama was elected President of the United States.

RAHM WATCH: Mayor grabs a headline for doing his job, repairing Lowe Park

While Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was trying to grab as much media attention as possible off the joy over the performance of the Jackie Robinson West Little League team in the Little League World Series, . . .

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Rahm doing the ribbon cutting at Lowe Park. This photo was supplied to the press by the Mayor's Press Office. Photo credit Brooke Collins.

Nominating petitions to begin circulation on August 26, 2014. Petitions due at the Board of Election Commissioners in November

With as many as a dozen Chicago Teachers Union members planning to run for alderman in their wards and at least two significant candidates planning to challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the mayor's job, the . . .

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Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis (above right) has been holding

'We need to test less but test right...' Colorado Springs superintendent asks for three-year moratorium on testing, challenging Colorado Springs's participation in PARCC

The superintendent of one of the largest school districts in Colorado, Dr. Nicholas Gledich of Colorado Springs, has asked the school board of Colorado Springs to put a three-year moratorium on the PARCC tests and . . .

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Colorado Springs school supt. Nicholas Gledich.

Opt Out and Resistance Movements continue to explode across the USA even as testing insanity tries to expand behind a phalanx of anti-teaching 'education' executives sporting MBAs and no practical reality experience

Before the end of August 2014, the Chicago Board of Education will have subjected hundreds of school principals (and in some cases, unpaid "Team leaders" drafted from local schools) to more than 200 pages of . . .

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RAHM WATCH: Mayor Mudpuddle and the hypocrisy of the Fifth Floor's fair weather baseball fan

One of the most abrasive propaganda points in the Summer of 2014 is the emergence of Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago as a fan of Little League baseball. Of course, Rahm's hyped interest in Little . . .

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have cut Park District and Chicago Public Schools budgets so that baseball for most Chicago kids is out of reach, but when the Jackie Robinson Little League team went to Williamsport, Rahm jumped once again in front of the TV cameras for some propaganda time with little black children.

'Block the Boat' gets support from ILWU members at port... Oakland protests stop ship over Gaza attacks by Israel

Approximately 3,000-5,000 people mobilized in Oakland on Saturday, August 16, to support the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) in its efforts to “Block the Boat,” an Israeli ship trying to unload in Oakland. The . . .

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The dramatic blockade of the Port of Oakland on August 16 was one of many actions across the world in support of the Palestinian people and in opposition to the Israeli occupation of Gaza. More than 3,000 people took part in the Oakland

'Conversations with Karen...' to continue in 22nd Ward hosted by Alderman Munoz on evening of August 21, 2014

The slowly expanding "Conversations With Karen" program, which involves the appearance of Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis at various locations throughout Chicago, continues on August 21, 2014. The August 21 event will be an . . .

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Chants of

OPT OUT 2015: More Than A Score regional meetings to plan for Opt Out 2015

Members of the CORE testing committee met on August 19 and decided to encourage everyone to attend the More Than A Score regional meetings as part of the planning for the 2015 Opt Out . . .

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REBRANDING? '...We are excited to introduce the new CPS logo -- While we are making the public announcement later this week, we wanted to share the logo and branding guidelines with you now as you prepare materials for the new school year...'

As if the highest paid executives at America's third largest school system had nothing else to do during the weeks before school opened for the 2014 - 2015 school year, the newly reconfigured "Office of . . .

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Karen Lewis and Beverly Woods August 19, 2014... Chicago Teachers Union president has advanced from 'thinking about' to 'seriously considering' a run for Mayor of Chicago

Billed as “A Conversation with Karen Lewis in the 19th Ward,” the conversational Q & A between Karen Lewis and TV news commentator Walter Jacobson started at approximately 6:30 PM on August 19, 2014 at . . .

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TV newsman Walter Jacobson (left) delivered the questions to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis during the

'State of the City' conversations... Karen Lewis to chat with 19th Ward residents on evening of August 19 at the Beverly Woods, 115th and Western in Chicago

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis will join with hundreds of residents of Chicago's 19th Ward for an evening chat about city issues at the famous Beverly Woods Banquet Hall, at 115th and Wastern, beginning . . .

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MEDIA WATCH: Shades of how Chicago officials slanted news coverage during Rahm's NATO hype and all the way back to the Vietnam War... Reporters threatened, arrested trying to cover Ferguson stories

"Good" reporters in the eyes of government officials and private crooks are the ones who sit pertly in a room waiting for government officials (and sometimes private crooks like charter school operators) to serve up . . .

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Militarized police in Chicago during the NATO meeting in May 2012 attacked reporters who did not adhere to the

Common Core for early childhood gets its satiric comeuppance

The debate about Common Core continues to escalate, with nationally famous comedians joining teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens in The Resistance. Most recently, the Onion joined with a funny satiric look at the impact . . .

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Graphic from The Onion takes on abusive high-stakes programs that began before Common Core made them nationally imposed. DIBELS anyone?

Ed Notes video of AFT Common Core -- er, 'standards' -- debate shows Chicago at its best and AFT leadership's defense of Common Core at their macho silliest

With everything else going on, it took our brother Norm Scott a month to organize the videos of the now famous American Federation of Teachers Common Core debate, even though, as those who were at . . .

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National Resistance to high-stakes testing grows even before school year begins

From the beginning of the Resistance to the regime of high-stakes testing tied to corporate privatization, charterization, and union busting schemes in the late 1990s, the test resistance usually began escalating in January, as the . . .

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Chicago's Sarah Chambers was one of the primary organizers of the 2014 Opt Out movement in Chicago. She also helped teachers at some schools decide to boycott the ISAT tests.

Common Core: New York group exposes flaws and stupidities in Common Core despite New York City and national AFT leaders' avoidance of the Common Core debate and their praise of so-called 'standards'

One month after a clean debate over the Common Core, New York parents and others have provided the nation with a comprehensive expose of the flaws at every level of the testing program that was . . .

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New York State Education Commissioner John King (left) and State Board chair Mery Tisch (right) have been unable to stop the unraveling of the state's Common Core testing program once the full extent of the test mess became public on August 14, 2014.

BOOK REVIEW: 'A Chronicle of Echoes... Who's Who in the Implosion of American Public Education' earns a place on every Resistance reference shelf, despite minor flaws

Book Review: A Chronicle of Echoes, Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education by Mercedes Schneider (Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, 2014, 491 pp).

. . .

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A new book, well worth reading.

'Learning Walks' to expand centralized insanity, with the goal of closing schools for 'underperformance' by year's end while escalating harassment of classroom teachers and union leaders at the local school level from the beginning of the 2014 - 2015 school year onward

Principals across Chicago are being briefed that they must institute so-called "Learning Walks" throughout the system almost as soon as school begins, even though the idea has never been tested anywhere and the 'Learning Walk' . . .

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Although Chicago Public Schools