How do you spell 'unpaid overtime' for more than 1,500 teachers? 'Dynamic Learning Maps... 'of the 1572 educators with KITE Educator Portal accounts (the mechanism used to complete the training modules), only 220 teachers have taken and passed all seven modules. ...'

The the alphabet soup of pretentious acronyms at CPS (Chicago Public Schools) few are as pretentious and obnoxious as ODLSS -- the special education department. As most teachers and principals now know, the main criteria . . .

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The February 5, 2015

Montefiore School on Privatization Bulls Eye? As usual, Chicago promises not to privatize another special education program

On February 26, 2008 at Montefiore Special School, at a press conference a group of clergy and others warned that Montefiore School is facing imminent closure.

“Closing this school will be a disaster because . . .

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Above Right. At the Board’s March 26 meeting, Chicago Board of Education’s “Chief Special Services Officer” Renee Grant Mitchell explains to parents from Montefiore Special School that CPS does not intend to privatize the school’s services, despite evidence from more than four years of the closing and cutbacks in special services in CPS. At every instance where a special education program was rumored to be cut, Schools CEO Arne Duncan and Grant Mitchell assured parents and staff that the school would not be closed, and within a year the school was closed. the list of programs includes LeMoyne, Spalding, and others. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.

CPS tries to undermine disability rights law... Chicago Public Schools and the Corey H case

As some teachers are aware, back in 1992, when a teacher who is today thirty years old was only a sixteen-year-old in high school, the CPS got sued by a group of families of special . . .

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