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December 18, 2014 | 5:22 PM

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Save Senn video by Labor Beat

A video of the December 19, 2007 protest against the creation of "small-schools" inside Senn High School.


President, Mayor hide behind massive security to promote "No Child Left Behind"

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President Bush paid a visit to Chicago to tout the federal 'No Child Left Behind' Act in the morning at the north side's Greeley Elementary School. Later in the day he met with city leaders to discuss the economy and the city's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.


Military Invades the Board of Education Meeting

The November 14 Board of Education meeting became a sight to behold, as military personell lined the chamber walls, some in full combat fatigues, to support continued recruiting in Chicago's high schools.


Chicago now the most militarized school system in the U.S.

Mayor Richard M. Daley, Rahm Emmanuel, and Arne Duncan used the opportunity of the dedication of the nation's first Marine Corps military academy public high school to attack critics of militarization of the Chicago public schools during the 11:00 a.m. dedication ceremony at the former Grant Elementary School at 145 S. Campbell in Chicago today.


Breaking Story: Chaos at the CTU Meeting [Video Update]

Check Out Substance Reporter Al Ramirez's Videos with Full Explanations [Substance Videos]

Marylin Stewart made the unprecedented decision to not hold a role-call vote at the August 31, 2007 Chicago Teacher's Meeting. The chaos that ensued was caught on video, and shows a throng of teachers and union members in the crowd booing the newly proposed contract.

The video was shot on camera phone and accompanies the text of the article.

Note: The video requires Flash Player in order to display properly. You can download that here.


CTU to reach Tentative Agreement by August 31st

On Wednesday, August 22nd CTU President Marilyn Stewart announced to the House of Delegates that the union had made a breakthrough in negotiations and reached a 'framework' for an agreement.   Though both sides were still working out details, the union expects to have a tentative agreement by late next week...