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New York Times spins the 'news' on NEA's call for Duncan to resign... Headline doesn't even mention that Arne Duncan is the U.S. Secretary of Education picked by the President of the United States

[Editor's Note: As some readers have heard, the National Education Association voted at its Represenative Assembly (RA) to call for the resignation of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. A fuller report is at the . . .

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President Barack Obama and his pick for U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in their younger days. By the time the NEA voted its

MEDIA WATCH: Sun-Times gives voice to Blaine principal, echoing the fearful hundreds of principals who so far have only spoken out from the shadows or who stand on stage with Rahm Emanuel as extras in just one more publicity stunt for the Mayor Of Chicagoland

One of the most significant pieces of education writing in recent Chicago memory burst forth on Page 11 of the print edition of the Chicago Sun-Times (strangely still calling itself CHICAGO greeted readers on . . .

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Blaine Elementary School principal Troy LaRaviere was selected by the Blaine Local School Council to be principal in 2011, a few months before Rahm Emanuel was inaugurated. Prior to becoming principal at Blaine, he taught at Social Justice High School and served as an assistant principal at Johnson

MEDIA WATCH: Rahm's Script for Noble January 31 'Groundbreaking' tells a lot about how managed news is supposed to get the so-called facts

The idea is pure Rahm Emanuel and pure charter schools. Do a carefully orchestrated and scripted media event, refuse to answer any questions from reporters, and get your "story" out in TV and radio without . . .

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MEDIA WATCH: Krugman misses union part of power relationships -- and sellout unions as part of the ruling class's power

[Editor's Note: There was some discussion on December 27, 2013 about Paul Krugman's New York Times column discussing whether "market forces" can actually describe, realistically, the relationship between a worker negotiating his individual "contract" and . . .

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Paul Krugman's lack of interest in unions as a solution to unemployment and poverty in the USA may have to do with Princeton University's aversion to the unionization of its clerical and custodial workers.

MEDIA WATCH: If you thought you missed some 'news' about resistance in the USA, you probably haven't been tuning in to Al Jazeera USA... Massive protests against 'Pension Reform' are rocking Puerto Rico (and setting a model for Illinois in February 2014)

While it's possible to get a tiny bit more news by reading The New York Times and Wall Street Journal every day in Chicago, most Chicagoans are still at the mercy of Rahm Emanuel's "Chicago . . .

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Teachers surround senators in San Juan to protest

MEDIA WATCH: Ignoring the murder of teachers in Honduras, The Wall Street Journal declares Mexican teachers union a terrorist threat, virtually a group of banditos who 'kidnap businessmen' (maybe)

Teachers may have been murdered by right wing death squads in the past year in Honduras, where one of the most corrupt elections in memory returned to power a government favored by the Obama administration, . . .

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Mexican teachers (right) were standing up against corporate

Of course a dogcatcher could beat Rahm... Dogcatchers spend their time in better company than Rahm and the billionaire boys clubs at which he lurks

A Saturday morning without the daily newspapers would be a typical Saturday morning in Chicago, but some days the Sun-Times or Tribune brings unexpected joy -- or at least a pleasant surprise. So it is . . .

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Lady was caught by the dog catcher...

MEDIA WATCH: Who's full of bullshit? Russo's 'District 299...' is usually irrelevant, but when a 'reporter' living in Brooklyn criticizes reporters in Chicago who are watching Safe Passage nonsense, he becomes the joke

Actually, Alexander Russo is the one who is full of shit about Safe Passage, but what can you expect from a guy who believe he can pontificate about Chicago's public schools from 800 miles east . . .

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Chicago Tribune

MEDIA WATCH: Sun-Times continues to show it has a crush on Rahm Emanuel with 'analysis' filled with silly metaphors and sophomoric pop psychology instead of facts... Even in supposed critique, the mayor's 'good intentions' trump his many nasty lies into 'lofty goals'...

Does the Chicago Sun-Times still have its schoolgirl crush on Chicago's mayor? That was an interesting question over Labor Day weekend. At first, the Sunday September 1, 2013 story about Mayor Rahm Emanuel's lies, half . . .

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One of the hundreds of pseudo-news photographs supplied to the media by the

MEDIA WATCH: New York Times offers Rahm's propaganda as front page 'news'

How much propaganda is coming out of America's most important "news" organizations in 2013? A current example, splashed to the world on the front page of "America's Newspaper of Record" (whose motto is "All The . . .

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Above, the front page chart that appeared on Page One of the print edition of The New York Times for August 6, 2013. The chart is seriously inaccurate, but no one from the Times asked anyone at the Chicago Teachers Union or the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund for the facts before running the claim, above, that in 2015 the Chicago public schools will be paying $2 billion for teacher pensions.

MEDIA WATCH: Chicago taxpayers pay more than $2 million per year to provide daily propaganda on behalf of Rahm Emanuel... Synthetic News straight from City Hall, Chicago style

Once again, on August 1, 2013, the taxpayers of Chicago paid for a complete media package from the city's mayor, mediagenic Rahm Emanuel. Once again, at taxpayer expense, the mayor's media team issued a press . . .

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The photograph above was provided to Chicago media by the Mayor's Press Office, City of Chicago, on August 1 2013. It came complete with a caption and credit. The photo was supposed to be credited to Brook Collins, who works for Rahm Emanuel and follows him around every day as part of his

MEDIA WATCH: New York Times magazine publishes best refutation of the TIME magazine hagiographic cover story on Rahm Emanuel with a story on Chicago's anti-eviction activists who are moving 'home-less people into the people-less homes.'

[Editor's Note: There are times in reporting when the facts can obscure the truth, and other times when a good reporting of the facts can bring to light a "greater truth." In 2013, Chicago has . . .

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The demolition of the last buildings in the Stateway Gardens public housing projects along Chicago's State Street in April 2007 made it possible for those east of State to see U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, clearly for the first time. While the government was giving tax breaks to Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, it was refusing to continue to support public housing for poor black people. Substance photo, April 2007, by George N. Schmidt.

MEDIA WATCH: Rahm uses Golden Apple announcement for another publicity stunt as Lindblom teacher wins award

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel used the announcement of the annual Golden Apple awards to hold another school based publicity stunt and get his version of reality into the newspapers, sending out a press release from . . .

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The mayor's publicity stunt photograph depicting Rahm being nice to a teacher. The photo was provided to the press by the Mayor's Press Office on May 1, 2013.

MEDIA WATCH: 'Safe Passage Working Group' included in media hype from City Hall...Rahm, Barbara Byrd Bennett, staged hype to promote 'Safe Passage' and move into home stretch for massive school closings

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continued to push his program to close the greatest number of schools in American history with a carefully staged media event on April 30, 2013, featuring his cabinet and the promotion . . .

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Photo provided by City Hall of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's

MEDIA WATCH: Sun-Times false flags Cardenas charter school expansion story

In a clear attempt to manipulate the public, the Chicago Sun-Times in its original story posted on April 25, 2013 has published a false flag story that seems to be a victory for charter school . . .

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COMMON CORE: Chicago piles up 'bookmarks' for parents while Byrd Bennett gets the days of report card pickup wrong...Chicago 'CEO' can't even get the dates of the report card pickup straight

Imagine if the Chief of Police in Chicago stopped moving experienced Chicago officers into the upper ranks -- and began promoting out-of-towners who were in it for the money and then ready to move on? . . .

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The only person with less than 20 years Chicago police experience in the above photo is the man center left in the red tie: Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. The other seven officers whose promotions were announced on April 18, 2013 were all from inside the department, with vast experience from the streets to the supervisory offices. City of Chicago photo provided by Chicago Police Department.

MEDIA WATCH: New York Times shaming Chicago newspapers by investigating the corruption of the privatization of public education services

While it was touching to read that the Chicago Tribune has received some recognition for its reporting on the truancy crisis in Chicago (and to a lesser extent Illinois), the Tribune's series on the topic . . .

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Cheon Park, owner of 'Bilingual SEIT' utilized the diversity scam to build a lucrative private business with public money that should have been used for the education of New York City's most vulnerable children -- pre-kindergarten children with disabilities. The photo here appeared in The New York Times on April 12, 2013.

MEDIA WATCH: WBEZ finally blows the whistle on the charter school 'waiting list' fiction

The first time, five or six years ago, I heard Arne Duncan claim in public that there was a supposed "waiting list" for entry into Chicago's burgeoning number of charter schools, I asked him how . . .


MEDIA WATCH: Rahm pushing new privatization scheme as 'opportunity zones'

When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn't out of town speaking at a forum sponsored by a bank that has just been found to have defrauded the public and its own shareholders on $6.2 billion worth . . .

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MEDIA WATCH: Is the official version of 'The Reign of Rahm the Magnificent' about to change?... The Nation narrates 'Rahm on the Ropes' in its digital edition

Although the news hasn't yet reached America's three major daily newspapers or the TV versions of reality (as "news") that the administration of Rahm Emanuel devotes millions of dollars in manipulating on a daily basis, . . .

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Rahm Emanuel's ability to control the Chicago news cycle depends on the active cooperation of the city's corporate reporters and their media, from newspapers to TV newsrooms. On a typical day, Rahm Emanuel will stage a media event like the one above (August 3, 2011) at which reporters are required to attend, sit primly, and ask maybe one question. The above event was staged at the Groupon headquarters on Chicago Ave. on August 3, 2011 (long before Groupon collapsed under the weight of its ridiculous business model) to promote a thing called