Rethinking Schools Charter school book is George Soros privatization propaganda

[Review: “Keeping the Promise? the debate over charter schools”, Edited by Leigh Dingerson, Barbara Miner, Bob Peterson, and Stephanie Walters (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools Publications, 2008; 122 pp. $16.95)].

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All ten of the “campuses” of the Chicago International Charter “School” (CICS) are located in derelict Catholic Schools that are usually rented by the Chicago Board of Education from the Archdiocese of Chicago or from the Catholic religious orders that once ran the schools located in the buildings. The “Prairie Campus” (above, at 115th and Prairie on Chicago’s South Side) is more than 20 miles from the “Northtown Campus” (below right, at Peterson and Pulaski on Chicago’s Northwest Side), yet Chicago considers the two schools are “campuses” of one “Charter School” (CICS), which stretches from one end of Chicago to the other across ten separate buildings. In addition to promoting the “campus” fraud, Chicago also allows the CICS campuses, like the one above, to keep all of the religious symbols that were on the buildings during their earlier incarnations as parochial schools. In some places, CICS marketing obscures the fact that CICS is running publicly funded schools. At no location have Chicago school officials asked that the Roman Catholic religious symbols on CICS “campus” buildings be removed. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.
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