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OPT OUT NEWS: One picture a day to show what a thousand words can't do

Every day for the next three weeks, Substance will be publishing the one picture that seems to us to be telling the Chicago Opt Out story better than anyone's "thousand words." So here is the . . .

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MEDIA WATCH: Chicago BULLSHIT -- not 'Chicago BULL' -- should be the headline on the Time magazine cover hyping the propaganda piece on Rahm Emanuel

The cover of the "current" (June 10, 2013) issue of Time magazine shows Mayor Rahm Emanuel standing at an "L" stop looking cool and claims that Rahm is in trouble for fighting the city's twin . . .

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How many 'waiting lists' can one sophist dance on the head of a fictional pen?... Charter's Big Lies debunked at Catalyst debate

It's been really a pleasure to re-read and watch, thanks to Catalyst, the "debate" over charter schools held last week. The participants -- Jackson Potter from the CTU, Charles Payne, from the University of Chicago, . . .

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LABOR DAY SINGALONG: Solidarity Forever... The words of the song for those who need to learn all of them in 2012

[Below are the four ‘main’ verses of the union song “Solidarity Forever”. Two other verses from the “original” have been deleted. These are the ones usually sung. The original was first published in the IWW . . .

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Chicago strike begins

After a quarter century, it was finally scheduled to begin at midnight, and it did with a handful of pickets in front of the headquarters of the nation's third largest school district four blocks south . . .


NOTICE: Substance's Web Editions will be 'Gone Fishing' until August 19

And as we go to meditate on the joys and pleasures of the 21st Century, we're reminded of something George once taught our students back in the 20th Century, before he was blacklisted by CPS . . .

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Pinkney article needs approval

What Will it Take To Bring Obama Home?
Bringing Obama 'Home'? Get REAL!
Moving Left – Part 5
By Larry Pinkney Editorial Board

"In America, anyone . . .

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'BOOM!' That wasn't a bomb, that was a highly audible unauthorized science experiment (and therefore you can't make us evacuate this building)...

When some teachers at the huge Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA) heard what they thought was an explosion at the school, they prepared to evacuate the building. CPS security procedures require a building's evacuation when . . .

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