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Flanked by David Pickens (left, currently his $132,000 per year “Chief of Staff”) and Dan Bugler (right, currently “Chief Officer, Research, Evaluation and Accountability” at $132,000 per year), Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan explains at a March 30, 2007, press conference why Chicago is going to reconstitute Harvard Elementary School despite the fact that Harvard’s ISAT test scores went “up” this school year and reconstitution is regarded nationally as a failed strategy for fixing schools whose scores went “down.” (Substance photo by George N. Schmidt)

Board of Education Retreats on School Closings

School Chief Arne Duncan broke a promise he made earlier in the year not to close any more public schools. On March 30, Duncan (pictured at left) announced the closing of LeMoyne and Harvard Elementary schools. The two schools were being closed for different - and odd - reasons: Harvard was being closed despite the fact that its scores actually went "up" from the previous year.

Download a complete listing of Chicago's 2006 ISAT scores. (Note: The download acquires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view properly.)

Illinois' 2006 ISAT Scores a Mess: What do Chicago's Scores Really Mean?

Was it a miracle, or just another statistical manipulation? Chicago's abismal new 2006 ISAT scores put 2005's gains in perspective.

May Substance to Print $100k List

Question: How do you know you don't have a budget crisis? Answer: When you keep adding redundant executive positions that cost over $100,000 a year. The May Substance blows the whistle on the hypocrisy.

Chicago Report Shows Failures of NCLB Punishments

NCLB provisions that punish schools for "inadequate improvements" do more harm than good, studies say.

Professor's Study Challenges Chicago's Claims about School Closings

A study conducted with the collaboration of a University of Illinois professor suggests that school closings do far more harm than good to the displaced students.

Englewood High School Students Host Debate on Military Enlistment

Military ROTC leaders had their hands full handling Englewood's finest, backed up by some Vietnam Veterans.

Alltown All Frozen Up Over Heating School Buses

Alltown has refused to let drivers preheat buses, exposing both their employees and student riders to Chicago's bitter cold.

Gang Problems Grow as News Coverage Withers

Security problems plague numerous Chicago high schools due to a resurgence in gang activity.

Substance Reports Trace Story of Militarization in Chicago's Schools

Senn High School has faced the brunt of the Daley administration's effort to militarize the public schools, but other schools are at risk as well.

Olympics not all Fun and Games

The Olympics may bring civic pride, but the multi-million dollar bankroll Chicago gives visiting companies gets taken away from school funds.

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