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Flanked by David Pickens (left, currently his $132,000 per year “Chief of Staff”) and Dan Bugler (right, currently “Chief Officer, Research, Evaluation and Accountability” at $132,000 per year), Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan explains at a March 30, 2007, press conference why Chicago is going to reconstitute Harvard Elementary School despite the fact that Harvard’s ISAT test scores went “up” this school year and reconstitution is regarded nationally as a failed strategy for fixing schools whose scores went “down.” (Substance photo by George N. Schmidt)

Loud 'No!' to No Child Left Behind

While the nation's news media attempt to claim that the range of opinion on the federal No Child Left Behind Act ranges from "modify it" to "keep it as it is", there is a growing movement among educators to abolish the law entirely.

The Educator Roundtable, group organizing resistance and gathering signatures to petition the U.S. Congress to dismantle NCLB, held its first national meeting on March 17 in Atlanta.


Want to do more than just read about this issue? Sign the Petition to dismantle No Child Left Behind yourself at

USA Ranks High in Societal Child Abuse

Despite being the richest country in the world, the US has a pitiful record on children's welfare.

Oakland Education Association Endorses Educator Roundtable's Drive to Dismantle NCLB

The Oakland Education Association has partnered with the National Educator's Roundtable against NCLB.

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