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Substance™ (USPS # 016-073) is published monthly except July and August by Substance, Inc.

Editorial offices are located at 5132 W. Berteau Ave., Chicago, IL 60641-1440. Address all correspondence to Substance, 5132 W. Berteau Ave., Chicago, IL 60641-1440. Periodicals postage paid in Chicago, IL.

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Substance, 5132 W. Berteau, Chicago, IL 60641-1440.


Editor-in-Chief: George N. Schmidt
Deputy Editor: Rosagitta Podrovsky
Resistance Editor: Susan Ohanian
Assistant Editor: Terry Czernik
Managing Editor: Sharon Schmidt
Contributing Editor: Grady C. Jordan
Contributing Editor: John M. DelVecchio    


Board of Education: Lotty Blumenthal
Local School Councils: Joseph Guzman
Elementary News: Michael Brownstein
High School News: Jesse Sharkey, Jackson Potter
Chicago City News: Frank Cocanate, F. Michael Klein, Al Ramirez, Jim Vail
International News: E. Wayne Ross
National Resistance News: Rich Gibson, Carol Holst, Jim Horn, Juanita Doyon
Research: Leo Gorenstein
Retiree and Pension News Marybeth Foley
Al Korach, Laura DelVecchio
Union News:Theresa D.Daniels,             Allegra Podrovsky
Videographers: Al Ramirez, Luis Valenzuela
Web Development:  Dan Schmidt
Cartoonist: Sandra Gordon
Circulation & Advertising: Larry J. MacDonald
Special Assignments: Dan Van Zile

Policies and Legal Issues:

Confidentiality. Substance maintains the confidentiality of news sources. Confidential information must be verifiable through additional news sources or from public information.

Mailing List. Substance does not share, sell, leak, or market its mailing list to anyone of any entity.

Policies Available. Copies of Substance policies on news development, letters, confidentiality, reproduction, and mailing list security are available . Send SASA with $5.00 and ask for “The Substance Manual of Style, Usage, and Muckraking.”

Free lance materials. Unsolicited free-lance editorial materials are subject to the editorial policies of Substance, Inc. Follow the style guidelines outlined in “The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage” and “A Manual of Style” (University of Chicago Press).  Please do not embed special formatting in digital copy.

Letters. Letters must be from regular Substance readers and signed by the writer. All letters will be published followed by the writer’s full name, location (generally, city) and Email address. Letters are generally best at fewer than 600 words.

Art. Cartoons, photographs, and other graphical material become the property of Substance, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

Subscriptions. Subscriptions available for $16.00 per year (10 issues). Mail check or money order to Substance, 5132 W. Berteau, Chicago, IL 60641. See back page for coupon and details.

School Sales. Teachers and others interested in participating in the Substance School Sales program may purchase bundles of 10 or more copies of the current issue for $1.00 per copy (prepaid).

Substance Reporters Program. Substance trains reporters to cover school news. Call for info.

Reproduction Rights. Substance is copyrighted to prevent the commercial exploitation of the material published in these pages. Copyright protection is not meant to bar the non-commercial use of Substance articles, art, and editorial materials. Please credit Substance, include subscription and website information, and send a copy to Substance. Reprint permission rights for classroom use are routine. Questions? Contact the Editor by phone, fax, E-mail or in person.

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