Substance reports trace story of militarization in Chicago’s schools

Since December 2004, Substance has been reporting regularly on the militarization of Senn High School and other Chicago public schools through the forced policies of Mayor Richard M. Daley. Many of these stories are available on the Substance website ( A lengthy analytical analysis (with more than a dozen photographs, including the famous “Hands Around Senn” protest) appears in the December 2004 issue.

Photographs of CEO Arne Duncan and Congressman Jan Schakowsky defending the militarization of Senn High School accompany the report “Duncanian Duplicity” in the December 2005 Substance.

An expose of Mayor Daley’s paranoid military security for the dedication of the Rickover Naval Academy (November 7, 2005) appeared in the December 2005 Substance in the story “Martial Law at Senn High School.” The story was accompanied by photographs, including one showing the secret arrival of the Great Lakes Naval Training Center band (from an unmarked truck) and the meticulous removal of all leaves from the Senn lawn prior to the mayor’s ar- rival in a three-car caravan. That day, three different security teams (CPS, CPD, and Homeland) restricted protests inside and outside Senn.


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