May Substance to print the $100,000 Club list: That’s not patronage, it’s ‘school reform’!

Coming next month in Substance — Chicago’s $100,000 Club.

In the May 2007 Substance we will publish an updated list of all employees of the Chicago Public Schools who are presently being paid $100,000 or more in salary (benefits are above the $100,000).

The chart will be accompanied by an article outlining the trends in CPS since 1995 that have led to the explosion of $100,000 salaries for executives, many of whom came to CPS from other city departments with no training, credentials or experience in education and no classroom teaching experience.

Featured will be several patronage workers who have spread across the school system as Mayor Daley established more and more tight control since his 1995 takeover. These will include Greg Minniefield (above left, saluting Substance at a Board meeting last year). Minniefield finally ended his five-year employment at CPS in November 2006 after joining CPS when Michael Scott was appointed Board President in 2001.

Minniefield’s career in education began on September 2, 2001 under his patron from the Chicago Park District, Michael Scott. At the time of his departure in late 2006, Minniefield held the title “Senior Manager” and was being paid $109,214 per year.

Other highlights in the profiles will include “Senior Manager” Jennifer Muss (above left) who has been with CPS since February 2002 and is currently being paid $115,282 per year. Beatriz Rendon (above right) came to CPS as a special assistant to former Board President Gery Chico in September 1996. She is presently “Chief of New Schools Development” at $122,000 per year.


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