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The Real Truth About CPS School Closings

Seventy-seven percent of African Americans in Chicago do not approve of CPS's plans to close schools and move children to other schools. CPS a few weeks ago announced 54 school closings, 11 school co-locations (with . . .

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BOARDWATCH: James Patrick on school closings

The public schools in every neighborhood in the City of Chicago are key assets and community centers. I do not want to see school buildings abandoned, torn down, or repurposed out of public use, thus . . .

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MEDIA WATCH: WBEZ 'Truth Squad' confirms that CPS 'school age children' numbers were deliberately misleading... March 31 2013 deadline promises major tumult in April and May

After checking out numbers reported at and by the Chicago Teachers Union refuting claims by CPS about the need to close schools because of a drop in the number of "school age" children in . . .

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