Are schools getting enough substitute teachers every day?... Chicago Teachers Union staff ignores meeting of the union's Substitute Teacher committee?

Last week at the CTU retiree meeting, Pat Gerard made an announcement that there was going to be a meeting for Substitutes and someone from CPS Human Resource was coming to the meeting. As readers know, the Chicago Teachers Union has had a committee for substitute teachers since as long as the years when Debbie Lynch was CTU President.

I went to the meeting on March 2. Pat Gerard was there, along with Pat Jones, james Stewart. Tammie Vinson was there she left for the testing committee meeting when Sara Chambers and Natasha showed up. Pat Knazze showed up and there was another retiree Jacqueline. So there was only five of us. Pat Gerard said there was only 3 people who showed up to the monthly meeting.

I explained to her I never knew about the meetings.

Pat Gerard said that Georgia Walter is the liaison from the CTU, and "Urma" was the 3rd person who would come to the meeting. About 4:45 Pat got up and asked about Georgia and the front desk told her she had left the building for the day already, Pat never received any calls about the meeting today that it was canceled. Pat said she did receive a call from Urma at 7 am this morning, reminding Pat of the meeting this afternoon. She never received any other calls about the meeting today.

We sat and talked for a bit, Jacqueline said she called the CTU to inquire about Subbing, they told her to call CPS HR, when she called they never answered so, she went to the CPS office on Madison, they told her there that they did not need any subs. So the CTU gave her directions to get the RUN Around.

James said there’s an HOD meeting on March 8.

Getting back to Pat G. she mentioned to me when we left the building together, when we were in the parking lot, that Crystal asked her why she announced the meeting last week at the retiree meeting. She said that Crystal was not happy that others were being told about this meeting, At that point I handed her the Substance business card and I said she should contact you and let you know directly what’s been going on with the substitutes and how no one is ever told about the meetings. I even told her and Jacqueline that I never received and notices about any meetings for subs. Then again Pat G. stated that it’s only been three people who meet monthly.

That’s the news from the substitute meeting that never happened. Maybe it was canceled because others learned about it.