Subscript: Huberman solves gang violence with computers, preacher patronage, $35 million Duncan 'stimulus' dollars

Quick quiz for the opening of school in Chicago.

How is the city with the largest and most powerful drug gangs north of the Rio Grande River going to deal with the deadly violence that springs from the drug gangs and the activities of their cadre in the city's schools and communities?

Answer: with computer programs and millions of dollars from the federal government's "stimulus" pot. This money will go to develop data bases so that the school system can provide the possible problems (i.e., almost always gang members with access to firearms, see illustrations with this article) with patronage jobs. These jobs will be under the supervision of preachers and professors who know a lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity when they can cash in on it.

Since June 2009, the Chicago Public Schools has cut the jobs of around 1,000 teachers (they are reporting to CPS every day, out of work) and dozens (perhaps hundreds) of security people. But the plan by Ron Huberman is to get rid of teachers and school security staff — so he can provide jobs to gang bangers.

There are some things you couldn't make up, even in Chicago. In early September 2009, Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman (who parades among his admirers in the media and corporate Chicago as a "tough cop" and a computer genius kind of guy) took his "data driven" show on the road with a solution to Chicago's infamous body count. The "body count" which Chicago made famous consists of a listing of students who were registered in Chicago schools during a school year, but who were murdered. Not all of them, just the majority, were murdered because of drug gang activities. Huberman went before the City Club of Chicago, then the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, to explain his program for reducing the body count. There Huberman revealed that his computers and he had solved the problem of what Huberman is trying to call "youth shooting" in Chicago: "Data driven management" and a program some people are already calling "Jobs for Jerks."

One of the leaders of the "Lady Taliban" who terrorized the area around Julian High School last school year, posing with three iterations of her "chrome" for a photograph that was posted exclusively at SubstanceNews in April 2009 [See "Julian, Oglesby principals ousted and humiliated by Huberman. Reed principal also ousted, with praise from Huberman!," www.substance, April 4, 2009, and "Drug gangs advertise while Chicago covers up real source of increased gang murders... Clout covers up for massive gang problems, tries to blame schools for city's failures"... via the March 2009 Home Page at, March 19, 2009]. Chicago schools Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman announced in a speech to the Chicago City Club on September 2, 2009, that his new data driven leadership team had used their computers to identify the 1,200 Chicago young people most likely to participate in what Huberman calls the "youth shooting problem" in Chicago. While cutting local school security so the schools can be forced to pay for programs like "IDS", Huberman will use federal "stimulus" dollars provided by the Obama administration through former Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan (now U.S. Secretary of Education) to establish a counseling and employment program for youth likely to kill other people in the coming year. Substance photo provided by anonymous photo journalists, originally published at April 2009. The solution proposed by Ron Huberman, announced as if it were of earth shattering importance for the USA, was reported on WBEZ, Chicago public radio on September 3, and in both of the city's daily newspapers on September 4. Chicago, according to Huberman, has a "youth shooting problem."

Below is the whole of Ron Huberman's "violence plan," according to WBEZ. As of September 4, Huberman has been avoiding general press conferences where he might be asked questions that weren't according to his prepared scripts. The Huberman plan to curb "the youth shooting problem" consists of identifying those 1,200 kids [who knew the number could be so precise, so scientific, so replete with genius coupled with street smarts and tough ex-cop wisdom...] who are potentially violent and counseling them through Mayor Daley's Preacher Patronage and Professor Patronage Program(s). The counseling will reportedly be for 16 hours a week. (That's what it amounts to; the rhetoric will be much larger than that). That diversion from reality began with Paul Vallas back in the day when I was working gang security at Bowen. It continued in as big a scam as those Saturday programs Vallas poured millions into here and in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, the city's controller investigated how the dollars for the Saturday programs (there, as here, SMART) worked. It turns out, in many cases the money was completely wasted, and in some the gangs used the public schools programs to hold meetings and further their activities.

On September 3, 2009, Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) reported the first iteration of Ron Huberman's "plan" for its audience. Substance did not cover the City Club meeting, and has requested a copy of Huberman's remarks. In their September 4 editions, both the Sun-Times and Tribune reported what Huberman said as well.

Spring 2009, photograph part of the "Lady Taliban" collection. The eight individuals who posed for this photographs are proudly showing their affiliation with the Gangster Disciples (GD) street gang of Chicago. Colors, symbols, hand signs are all from one side of the divide between Chicago's "People" (five pointed star, other symbols) Nation and the "Folks" (six pointed star, other symbols) Nation such as the GDs, above. The young lad in the center of the photograph is carefully creating the six-pointed star with his hands so that the symbol of the gang is central to the pose. By diverting public attention from what law enforcement, gang security experts, and residents of communities where drug gangs rule the streets know, Ron Huberman will fast become a danger to many communities in Chicago. The likelihood is also that his programs, based loosely on what is jokingly called "Preacher Patronage" and "Jobs for Jerks" will cost the people millions of dollars and be cynically exploited in Chicago, at the expense of law-abiding citizens, and hard working students. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.There is nothing like siccing a computer and a bunch of "data driven" maniacs on a problem to come up with the worst possible solution. Later today, he is actually going to repeat this nonsense at a media event with a straight face. Back to Ronnie's data driven drivel, Part II (WBEZ version):

"Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman says he’s got a strategy to end senseless shooting deaths of public school students. Thirty-five million in stimulus dollars will help fund the plan....

"Unfiltered: Ron Huberman Addresses the City Club of Chicago... Huberman says his biggest mission this year is to stop the gunfire that killed 34 students last school year, and injured nearly 300... All of this occurred off school grounds, but Huberman says the solution can come from inside schools... He says the district can predict some 1,200 students who are high risk of becoming victims, and offer them help. "HUBERMAN: If we can solve for this group of 1,200 kids at the top, and trying to change their behavior I would make an argument again here that we are going to almost wholly solve the youth shooting problem. That is a massive statement to make..."

"The District’s solution includes using stimulus money to hire mentors who will work 16 hours a week with high-school students and their families. The students will also be offered jobs. Huberman says CPS found the predictors by digging back into 5 years worth of data. They looked at students’ credits, behavior and attendance..." (WBEZ after Huberman's remarks to the City Club).

Substance suggestion: Don't forget these words: "I would make an argument here that we are going to almost wholly solve the youth shooting problem.

That is a massive statement to make..." (Ron Huberman at the City Club, September 2009). According to Huberman, Chicago has a "youth shooting problem..." Under this thinking, Chicago does not have a gang problem. Chicago does not have a drug problem, or an import/export empire that reaches all the way to LaSalle St. to assure that tons of coca, hemp, and poppy products make it to Chicago's streets every month.

No, Chicago's problem is "youth shooting", a sort of randomized disease that can take over when the germs spread (and can therefore be thwarted by medical means, and doesn't need security or law enforcement). A "youth shooting problem"!

The young lady in the above photograph (part of the Chicago "Lady Taliban" collection) has in her possession four weapons. The possession of each of them is a felony under Illinois law. All of the children in the "Lady Taliban" photo collection posed for the photographs and told others about them, in some cases posting them on the Internet. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.Now there is a worldview only a hustler could love. The largest, most violent, and generationally astute street gangs in the USA -- just waiting for the Olympics -- and Chicago doesn't have a "gang problem" or a "poverty problem" -- but a "youth shooting problem"!

As they say out on the corners where the Black P. Stones, Vice Lords, Disciples (and their political kin), Latin Kings, Dragons, and various other entrepreneurship activities are serving up...


Here is a little more detail as to why it's bullshit.

If Chicago were to admit that the vast majority of its "youth violence problem" came from the fact that Chicago has spawned the largest and best organized drug gangs north of the Rio Grande River since their beginnings under the first mayor named Richard Daley and expanding under the second mayor named Richard Daley, it would case Chicago in a poor light in the rest of the world. Since those who control much of Chicago can't even admit to the existence of the vast drug gangs organized into the "People" and "Folks" and spawned under Richard J. Daley (1955 - 1976) and cultivated under Richard M. Daley (1989 - 2009).

Nor can Chicago and Illinois admit in public what every criminal knows: that the Cook County and Illinois prison systems are controlled by the two major drug gangs (again "People" and "Folks"). Now how many people from around the world would want to stop by for an Olympics were Chicago to be known for its rightful title of Drug Gang Capital of the USA?

As a result, various corporate and governmental outposts of the Daley mythmaking machine periodically come up with various spins about gang violence.

Under Arne Duncan, the problem wasn't drug gangs (and their political and corporate allies and sponsors), it was "guns." Over the years, Duncan and others from CPS lined up with Daley to demand "gun control" and ignore the gangs.

Ron Huberman has to abandon that line, because it's clear that Daley has lost in his campaign for "gun control." If anything, law abiding families in those communities in Chicago beset by the drug gangs are not going to give up their right to keep and bear arms, because often the knowledge outside the home that there is a weapon inside is the only thing keeping that home and family from being additional victims. As most police officers on the street know, families in Chicago's ghettos and barrios are very likely to possess weapons for their own protection. And the families of police officers, sheriff's police, and the other armed uniformed services in Chicago and Illinois -- including those in the black community -- are not likely to give up their weapons either. They may have to stand silent when their mayor rants and rages, but they also know they may have to protect their homes.

So "gun control" is no longer a viable slogan.

Enter Ron Huberman's computers, and the computer identification of pathologies among "youth." In any other town, this thing would be exposed by the ACLU and actually questioned by the press. In Chicago, corporate media will simply ignore the last iteration of this cover up and praise this latest evasion of reality. Just for the record, the preachers and professors have been teaming up for this kind of patronage for a long long time in Chicago.

The first major iteration of the teaming up took place out of the University of Chicago and the Woodlawn community in the 1960s, when the U of C helped the original Black Stone Rangers get federal money and a jobs program out of the First Presbyterian Church of Woodlawn, and Jeff Fort and his early main 21 set up shop at the church. The Black P. Stones later learned the hard way not to trust the preachers or the professors. After their accountants failed to keep adequate track of the largesse, the Black P. Stones (but not the professors and preachers) were indicted and sent to prison for misspending federal poverty funds.

Jeff Fort (now Chief Maalik) and his fellow leaders learned the lesson well, and never trusted the preachers or the professors again. As a U.S. Department of Justice memo put it in 2003:

"In February 1972 Jeff Fort and several high-ranking members [of the then Black P. Stone Nation] were convicted for embezzling the S1.4 million in federal job training funds and for contempt because of their refusal to testify before Congress. They were sentenced to 4 years in prison..." They are aging inmates of the federal prison system (or deceased) now. Jeff Fort has been in the Franklin or Menard "supermax" for years. "Prince Bull" Hairston and Mickey Cogwell ("Mickey Cobra") are long dead.

Some of their descendants continue the family traditions. It will be interesting to see whether the descendants violate the warnings of their fathers and grandfathers and take some of that $35 million in taxpayer dollars Arne Duncan will be providing to Ron Huberman, the preachers, the professors, and (last in line for the dollars) than gang bangers. Apparently Ron Huberman is ready to pour more federal dollars — with the help of Arne Duncan and Barack Obama — into the same places, under the supervision of the same preachers and professors, new generation thereof.

It's possible that this time around the gang bangers who will be profiting from the programs will have better accountants. The gang members and their leaders have been studying Chicago and its leadership for three generations since Jeff Fort worked out of the First Presbyterian Church of Woodlawn, aided by Rev. Fry and the University of Chicago crowd under the "Southeast Chicago Commission" and other outposts of empire.

And there is always another church and a new generation of preachers. And the need to publish and profit on the part of the professors. FOORNOTE; For those who saved and treasured their original copies of Rev. John Fry's blind tome "Fire and Blackstone," a Google search reveals that it's now a collectible, and growing more expensive by the day. Don't lend copies to anyone but the closest friends — and get a deposit so it doesn't turn up on E-Bay. 

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