F**k that Sh*t, We will See How it Goes: Stacy Davis Gates Threatens Employees about Brandon Johnson Stealing Union Time to be at a Health Club During the Work Day

Stacy Davis Gates threatened John Kugler and Joey Mc Dermott, both employees of the Chicago Teachers Union, for talking to Jackson Potter, Chief of Staff of the CTU, about Brandon Johnson sneaking out of work after punching in at the office. The incident happened on August 29, 2018, in the basement of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church on South Wabash Street in Chicago.

At the time, Stacy was nominated to be vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Stacy told Kugler, "Fuck that, after that shit you and Joey pulled," after Kugler tried to congratulate Stacy for winning the CORE slating to be vice president in 2018. The insult was regarding Joey McDermott, Field Representative reporting Brandon Johnson to CTU leadership for not being at work during the day. The matter was never resolved by CORE steering, a political party inside the Union, and a grievance on the issue with with the CTU was also not resolved.

The threat was related to Kugler's conversation with then Chief of Staff Jackson Potter. Kugler talked to Jackson Potter in confidence in 2017 about information Joey had told him that Brandon Johnson was seen at a health club during the workday. Kugler told Jackson he was concerned that if he knew about Brandon using Union time to do personal activities, who else could know? Kugler was worried that it could be used against the Union, especially since Brandon was running for political office. This was the first time Brandon ran for County Commissioner.

Kugler believed Stacy was referring to Brandon misusing union time when she said, "We will see how it goes."

Joey and Kugler were fired by the Union when Stacy became Vice President.


below is the original email regarding the matter

CORE Steering Conflicts Resolution Request 8/29/18

From: john kugler Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 4:13 AM

To: Sarah Chambers ; Alix Gonzalez ; Drew Heiserman ; jackson potter ; Natasha Carlsen ; James Cavallero ; ; ; Debby Pope ; Charlotte Sanders ; Cc: ; Subject: CORE Steering Conflicts Resolution Request 8/29/18

1 attachments (17 KB) Conflict Resolution Request 08292018.docx;

August 29, 2018

To: CORE Steering

From John Kugler and Joey McDermott union employees and union members who are both CORE members acting in concerted activity for mutual aid and protection as union members and union employees


Hostility, Animus and Bias by elected CORE steering member and nominee for Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union

Pertinent By-Laws (including but not limited to):

Article II – Purpose § (A) § (B)

Article III § 4 – Maintenance of Good Standing

Article VI Committees § L Conflict Resolution

Statement of Facts:

On or about August 29, 2018 approximately 7:15 pm in the basement of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church 2976 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 in the County of Cook, while trying to congratulate Stacy Davis Gates for being nominated to be COREs pick for Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union to fill the presumed vacancy of Jesse Sharkey who was nominated to fill the vacancy of President Karen Lewis, I had an exchange with Mrs. Davis Gates after Bill Lamme congratulated her on the nomination.

To the best of my recollection the exchange went like this:

[JK] (I put out my hand to congratulate Mrs. Davis Gates after Bill Lamme left from talking to her)

[SDG] I have to think about that. I can say this since we are at CORE and not the office. Fuck that, after that shit you and Joey pulled.

[JK] What are you talking about?

[SDG] The shit you two did to my brother.

[JK] What’s that?

[SDG] You both following him around.

[JK] No idea what you are talking about.

[SDG] We will see how it goes.

At that point, I walked away and left the basement of the church. On my way to my car in the parking lot of the church. I contacted Joey McDermott via cell phone and related the conversation that just transpired. After thinking about the exchange and talking to Joey about it, the only thing I could think of is when I talked to Jackson Potter about a year ago about information Joey had told me that Brandon Johnson was seen at a health during the workday. I believe I told Jackson I was concerned that if I know about Brandon using Union time to do personal activities who else could know. I was concerned that it could be used against the Union especially since he was running for political office. I believe that this is what Mrs. Davis Gates was referring to.

I feel, I am now and have been the target of hostility, animus and bias by Stacy Davis Gates for bringing concerns to the Union about matters that could possibly be used against the Chicago Teachers Union. I feel that Stacy Davis Gates could soon be appointed to the position of Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union and if she has hostility, animus and bias towards me and Joey McDermott it could have a direct effect on our employment at the Chicago Teachers Union. I have been told on another occasions by Michael Brunson, CTU Recording Secretary that I should watch out, “they are talking about you” and that Stacy Davis Gates does not like me or Joey and wanted me fired.

Resolution Sought:

I am asking that is be referred and documented to the Conflicts Resolution Committee as soon as possible. I am asking that there be no retaliation, no coercion or any actions that have any effect on my or Joey McDermott’s employment with the Chicago Teachers Union by Mrs. Stacy Davis Gates or any other persons working at the Chicago Teachers Union or have influence on the Chicago Teachers Union such as the CORE Steering Committee. And any and all actions which make us whole.

Signed /Dr. John Kugler/

CORE Member in Good Standing


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