Happy May Day 2022

Enjoy the Workers Day. Today is not about politics or power it is about the workers enjoying a day to rest and be with their families. We earn our keep and we earn our rest.



May 9, 2022 at 2:19 AM

By: What May Day Should Promote

What May Day Sould Promote

Letter: Chicago should honor May Day

Perry Sanders - May, 2008

April 27, 2008


Dear Working People!

This letter is being written to analyze, from a working-class viewpoint, “Getting on the Bus for Justice — Veterans from Chicago and Northwest Indiana Participate in ‘Winter Soldier’ Hearings in the Washington, DC Area,” and “More materials on line about the wars...class lessons on the wars,” both by Kim Scipes (“Substance,” April, 2008, pp. 24, 20; 14-15).

We encourage readers to (re)read both the article, and the letter, the former being an excellent account of the recent, important hearings, organized by Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW, Both the article and the letter have loads of subject references, most on-line.

The central criticism that we have is the absence of the terms (categories) “capitalism” and “imperialism” and “class,” even, ironically, in “class lessons”!

We’ll try to fill in most of the gaps: the working class and the unemployed actually are primarily fighting and dying in the imperialist Iraqi Oil War and fought and died in the imperialist Vietnam War; the officer corps in both wars mainly come/came from the upper middle class, and secondarily the bourgeois. Both of these imperialist wars are/were waged in the “national” — class interests — of the big capitalist ruling class!. The U.S. Government acts as THE representatives of the big capitalist ruling class. We, the working people, are just expendable pawns in the U.S. Armed Forces, in the financial, global chess war in the struggle for the class profits/interests of big business.

The only way to end this murderous cycle of imperialist wars is the REAL socialist revolution world-wide by the international working-class and the unemployed, where workers democratically govern through workplace councils that are democratic.


For the CHIcago REVolutionary NETwork [CHIREVNET]

Perry Sanders

Denver, Colorado

May 18, 2022 at 8:16 PM

By: John Kugler

Intellectual Trash

my great granduncles were shot by police during a labor rally and died i take offense to anyone telling me how we should honor May Day ...

the workers have the right to decide what they want to do ....

May 19, 2022 at 10:27 AM

By: john whitfield

Junior Officers Training Corps in Chicago Public Schools (JROTC)

CPS automatically enrolled students in JROTC classes

Problem was widespread at eight schools in last 2 years

By Tracy Swartz Chicago Tribune

Hundreds of Chicago Public Schools freshmen were automatically enrolled in Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps classes over the last two school years even though JROTC programs are supposed to be voluntary, according to a CPS inspector general’s report released Wednesday.

The CPS inspector general’s office found four of the 37 CPS schools with JROTC enrolled all of their freshmen in that program in the 2020-21 school year, while another four schools enrolled more than 90% of their ninth-graders. Students had to get themselves removed from the program if they did not want to participate, a process that was “often inconsistent, poorly communicated or nonexistent,” according to the report.

Some principals blamed the automatic enrollment on budget concerns, the inspector general’s office said. JROTC can satisfy a physical education requirement for high school graduation. An individual school’s budget is used to pay for P.E. teachers, while CPS’ central office and the U.S. Department of Defense share the cost of JROTC instructors.

The inspector general’s office laid out a set of 10 recommendations for schools with JROTC programs, including creating a universal parent consent form.

CPS released a statement Wednesday saying it has “already updated policies and procedures related to our JROTC Programming, including our enrollment process, public records training, principal training related to JROTC program administration and a new military instructor pay scale.” Those and additional reforms slated to take effect in the fall “will provide a more transparent and equitable approach to operating our JROTC programs for both students and staff,” the statement said.

CPS boasts the largest JROTC program in the nation, with an average of 1 in 14 CPS high school students enrolled in this program over the last three school years, according to the inspector’s general office.

Nearly two-thirds of these cadets were enrolled in one of 37 CPS schools with JROTC, while the rest attended one of CPS’ six military academies. These academies were excluded from the inspector general’s analysis because all of their students take JROTC as part of the school design.

The inspector general’s office said it interviewed principals, students and parents and surveyed JROTC instructors at the eight schools with the highest JROTC freshmen enrollment rates. Seven of the schools are on the South or West sides, with the eighth on the Northwest Side, according to the report. Five are neighborhood schools, while three have citywide enrollment.

At least 10% of a CPS school’s students or a minimum of 100 students are supposed to be enrolled in JROTC for the school to maintain its program, the inspector general’s office said. CPS paid nearly $6 million in salaries and benefits for 97 JROTC instructors in its 37 JROTC program schools the last school year, according to the inspector general’s office. The district covered 69% of these costs, while the Department of Defense paid the rest.

Cadets typically have to wear a JROTC uniform once a week, participate in drills and follow their school’s JROTC grooming standards as part of the program, according to the inspector general’s report.

One of the inspector general’s recommendations is having the Chicago Board of Education adopt a policy requiring all neighborhood schools with JROTC programs also provide all students with a P.E. option.

The board adopted a policy in October that says starting in the fall, all schools must provide every elementary and high school student with “high-quality physical education instruction.” High school students must be scheduled in a P.E. course each semester in every grade level. Students enrolled in JROTC are exempt.

The district should ensure neighborhood schools have the personnel and funds to offer P.E. and JROTC, the inspector general’s office said. The report quoted CPS as saying that “all school budgets support schools’ ability to fund P.E. offerings.” Low-enrollment schools can receive support from district equity grants, and principals of schools with JROTC programs can submit requests for additional funding through network chiefs, CPS said in the report.

CPS also told the inspector general’s office it is offering training to high school principals this week— and annually — that covers, among other things, the importance of voluntary enrollment in JROTC and not using the program as a “physical education opt-out.”

The inspector general’s office found it’s often difficult for freshmen to opt out of JROTC. The most commonly used consent form at the eight surveyed schools is a health statement form that contained “far less information about JROTC” than the parent consent forms at military academies, the report stated. JROTC instructors were not consistently collecting or maintaining these forms, according to the inspector general, which recommends a universal parent consent form.

The report cited one female student who said she was unable to get out of freshman JROTC even though she and her mother raised religious objections tied to their faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The inspector general’s office said the school kept the student in the program, but she did not have to wear a uniform, participate in drills or say a pledge.

CPS told the inspector general’s office it plans to implement an auditing and monitoring process in the fall to address JROTC enrollment by school, including the proportion of diverse learners enrolled. The inspector general’s office found at one school last year, the percentage of diverse learners in JROTC was more than double the school’s overall percentage of diverse learners.

May 19, 2022 at 10:46 AM

By: John Kugler

College Application is a Graduation Requirement in CPS

John did you know in order to graduate from CPS you need to apply to three colleges?

no one should be forced to do anything in a public school.

Seems there is a lot of lawbreaking going on recently in cps.

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