TRUMPWACHT: Speaking about candidates' 'health,' Trump really is a fat cat... and anyone can get all the Trumpian trumpeting and other nonsense by doing the Mark of the Beast '666' solutions...

When American's elect Donald Trump President of the United States on November 8, 2016, he will be the most morbidly obese Chief Executive since William Howard Taft (see below). Despite Trump's vanity, and his daily hair styling, The Donald is not only a blustering bully, but a major fat cat. Above, a recent golf photo of the Republican candidate for President of the USA. Who is the healthier candidate for President of the United States? With less than a week before the first of three presidential debates, the Donald Trump organizations have been escalating their feud with reality as if this whole thing were a rigged game of "Survivor." Take the issue of candidates' "health." So, Hillary Clinton needed to take a couple of sick days because she was pushing herself too hard. Anyone who has ever worked a real job knows that can and should happen (if you go to work with the "flu," you are endangering others). But a look at the two candidates, despite the attempts by the Trump people to focus exclusively on Hillary Clinton's health, shows that in terms of unhealthiness, Donal Trump emits the real danger signs. He is "obese" by medical guidelines and as photos who, he is on the way to becoming "morbidly obese." Even at his present adiposidous state there are a dozen health dangers that would not be there had he kept himself in better shape. But a life of greed, lust and gluttony have apparently caught up with him, just in time for him to be unable to change the subject.

While scarcely a day goes by without another revelation regarding the mendacity of Donald Trump, no sooner has another example of greed and mendacity been published than the Trumpians unleash another attack on his opponent, the Clinton family, and reporters who are blowing the whistle daily on the evils of the Trump Empire.

But there is one thing that can be more easily seen than Donald Trump's secret tax returns or his ever expanding bellowings: his own health. Despite all the Trumpian stuff about candidates' health -- and Trump's own claims that he is healthier than the goats he has grazing on his New Jersey golf courses (to keep his tax bills down), a look at Trump shows that The Donald of 2016 is not the guy who bragged about his prowesses 30, 20, or even ten years ago.

It's been more than 100 years since American has faced the possibility of a President as unhealthily fat as William Howard Taft (above, throwing out the first pitch at the old Washington Senators stadium around 1910). Donald Trump's girth continues to expand as his diet of junk food and gluttony escalates his health risks, while his campaign tries to focus all the attention on his healthy opponent.While some artists -- especially comedians-- have been having fun portraying America's nastiest obese candidate for president, anyone who wants to be deluged with Trumpian trumpeting -- emails, phone calls, all that stuff -- can do more than Google searches of the latest atrocity. Try the "Mark of the Beast" approach. How? You just give 666 (that's $6.66 for those a bit addled by their Second Amendment silliness) and Trump will be blowing his trumpets in your ears a dozen times a day by email, phone and even canvassing visitations. Don't miss a chance to get emails like the following:

September 21, 2016 [Trump's emails are undated, but this one came on September 21, 2016]...


I need your help following the first debate next week.

I’m planning an ad blitz to FLOOD the airwaves with our message of a stronger, freer, and more prosperous America after my first debate against Hillary.

But we must raise $2.2 million by the first debate on September 26 to launch a successful ad blitz to get OUR message across and drown out the noise from the talking heads in the press.

Please make a $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, $35, or $20 contribution before the deadline to help us promote our campaign on the airwaves the night of the debate.

With your help today, I won’t just be beating Hillary during the debate. I will even be winning DURING the commercials.

When the media talking heads spend hours after the debate bashing our campaign, every single one of their lies and attacks will be followed by pro-Trump ads during the commercials.

This will be the most-watched debate in the history of American politics. Think about how many millions and millions of Americans will tune in.

This is a golden opportunity to get our message out to millions and millions of undecided voters who will determine the fate of this election.

Please make a contribution of any amount to help us reach our $2.2 million goal for our debate night ad blitz.


Donald J. Trump


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016


Although it was quickly removed, the Donald Trump statue in New York City drew many during the summer of 2016.Look, I hope Hillary overcomes all her recent health problems, but let’s face it, she’s just not up for the job.

Help me defeat her and give you the strong leadership you deserve – make one generous donation ASAP.

Right now, the most important quality America needs in our president is someone who will fight strongly, day after day, for our jobs, our neighborhoods and our country.

Hillary Clinton lacks the qualifications. She only fights for lobbyists who give her money.

That is why she supports open borders, cheap labor, shipping jobs overseas and everything else on the agenda of her high-dollar corporate donors.

And, she practically rented out her office as Secretary of State, giving high-level access to shady people and foreign elites who donated to her family “charity.”

Not good.

In fact, the reason why I ran in the first place is because I got fed-up with incompetent politicians like Hillary Clinton. You deserve better, Friend. And I can’t wait to get to work for you:

*** I’ve spent my career in business, building, hiring, and growing, and I know how to get our jobs back and get our economy really moving.

*** I am independent from the DC elites who have rigged things against you. All the lobbyists are supporting Hillary because they know I will ignore their agenda and put you first.

*** I won the Republican Primaries because I pushed the common-sense policies you have been waiting for: secure the border, fight Radical Islam, fix the VA, bring back jobs, get rid of ObamaCare, use American tax dollars for American infrastructure, not overseas nation-building, and stop all the “politically correct” nonsense that is hurting our country.

Hillary can’t do any of that because her elite donors don’t want any of that.

So please help me close out this race strong – make one donation today.

Just about 50 days to go and polls are close, Friend. Let’s win.

Donald Trump