SUBSCRIPT: With few people still watching 'The Wire' at CPS, why is everyone getting paranoid about real wires...

Every morning when you walk into 125 S. Clark St. you should be humming that famous hit, "When you walk through the garden..." Remember? The tune that started every one of the more than 50 episodes of "The Wire" over five HBO seasons? We know: the feds are still under the command of a former Illinois Senator with more "issues" — in the New Age sense — than ideas for how to get health care or decent public schools to all Americans without additional privatization and Wall Street greed. Three down, two to go? Less than two years ago, Mayor Daley dissed then Governor Rod Blagojevich at another one of his miracle shows (see chart above at right) announcing how test scores had gone "up" during a media event, complete with cheerleaders, at the Ella Flagg Young Elementary School on Chicago's West Side. At the time, Arne Duncan (above left) was still CEO of CPS. Barbara Eason Watkins (second left) was "Chief Education Officer" of CPS, detailed to doing most of the real dirty work when African American teachers and principals were being destroyed. Daley himself (center) was and is Chicago's "Imperial Mayor" (just ask Time Magazine). Ike Carothers (second from right) was a Chicago alderman wearing a wire for the feds, and Ginger Reynolds (far right) was "Chief Officer for Research Evaluation and Accountability" in charge of serving up for Daley (test scores, not the fare the GDs and others serve up in more than half of Daley's wards while Daley looks the other way). Now only BEW and Daley remain at large in Chicago. Duncan's been sent to Washington to push the Chicago Plan down the throats of the USA. Carothers is working out the deal to get minimum time for his crimes. Reynolds was fired almost as soon as Ron Huberman (Daley's latest Boy Friday at CPS) could say "Performance Management", but BEW will be back in action this month and next when Daley needs someone to destroy another dozen or so African American schools. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.

But it's still possible that the U.S. Attorney for Chicago and the Attorney General of the United States are not wasting all that technology and informant money to prove that Chicago's had an educational miracle the past 15 years. Fifteen long privatization ridden years ago Richard M. Daley took over the schools. "Don't pay heed to temptation, while his hands are so cold. You gotta keep the Devil way down in the hole..." That's a lot of years for every politically wired thief to get their hands into the cookies. In Chicago, the Devil doesn't come at your with a contract for your soul, like in the old days of Faust, but with a wrapper of Franklins, a few bimbos (or bimbus, putas or putos, whatever), and promises of much more where all that came from. So, after 15 years of coverups (in the form of laudatory press coverage for everything CPS), everyone who's not wearing a federal wire is worried that the guys in the room are. Or gals. So, as the word goes through 125 S. Clark St. (and all those other outposts of CPS patronage), let's keep a sense of humor and hum that tune. The next restaurant meal you eat with a fellow CPS heavyweight (both and all senses on that one) might one day be on Page One after the indictments come down...


January 24, 2010 at 2:37 PM

By: Zeta


When AKA, BEW was appointed Chief Education Officer, (I think in the spring of 2002 shortly before the first REN 2010 schools were closed), she appointed as many AKA AIO's a possible. Then they hired as many AKA principals who then hired as many AKA teachers as possible.

Many are wondering why African American women in a position of authority are used so frequently by CPS to destroy other African Americans. many are wondering what would cause such an interesting phenomenon to occur

where people from the same race and even family are willing to be used as pawns by the mayor and by CPS to destroy their own community and ultimately themselves.

Deeply rooted in their AKA philosophy is a hatred for poor African Americans. This hatred is rooted in embarassment. The embarassment of being black and living America. The shame of it all!

In order to feel better about themselves and to pretend that they transcend the color issue, they find white people that will validate them and say to them, "you're special, we like you but not the rest of them,." This justifies their attack upon the other black because after all, "I am more superior and this could never happen to me."

This is the attitude that has permitted the attack on other African Americans to take place. The only problem is that after these

people are used over and over again to destroy their own people they inevitably are destroyed by the same people who told," you're better than you average black."

That is what happened to many.(I won't name them but if you know of any I'd be glad to take names.)

WHO's Next?

Could it be BEW?

After all she's not your "Nipical Tigger"!

January 24, 2010 at 3:25 PM

By: Margaret Wilson

retired teacher/parent

You are so right. The divide and conquer philosophy has been used over the centuries. We saw it in Germany, when Jews were used to control other Jews and to decide who would live and who would die. Eventually many of the Jews who worked for the Nazis were also put to death. Women often say that they would rather work for a male boss because they are fairer and not as hostile. Men, especially white men, don't have to prove themselves so they can relax their style of management. All women leaders need to relax and be themselves. I think they attack their own because they want to prove themselves to the men but they will never be good enough or part of the club so let's just start our own. I think a woman boss who doesn't have anything to prove can be wonderful and people working under them find it a very relaxed atmosphere. Let's find a way to make it possible for all of us.

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