Substance to consider adding staff during March to improve coverage of Chicago's schools...

By the time the Substance staff meets as usual on the third Sunday of the month (March 19 this month), we hope to be adding staff as the amount of coverage of major issues facing Chicago's teachers and children grow. Those who might be interested in becoming Substance reporters should contact via Email to They can also call to 773 725 6182. Those who are interested should provide an indication as to why they wish to report for Substance and a sample report on a topic of current interest -- against, by email to

Unlike blogs, Substance is a registered Website, which means that the history of articles published at remains on the Internet and can be located by searching at BACK ISSUES (on the Substance menu above). Articles currently logged from go back to 2007. Prior to 2007, Substance articles were available at the first Substance website, (from 2002 to 2007). That site was unacceptable and was replaced by in 2007.

Beginning in 1975, Substance was a print newspaper, which eventually became a monthly during the school year. By 2002, Substance also had the "old" website (.com) and was in print and on the Web. Our inability to sustain print because more and more people were reading Substance on line caused the print edition to be ended in 2014.

During Substance's years in print and on line hundreds of Chicago people, most teachers and Chicago Teachers Union activists, reported and did analysis for Substance. Searching BACK ISSUES can enlighten those who want to know more about how Substance has covered the news and reported views for more than 40 years.