Scab 'union' goes all Hollywood for Chicago's creepy mayor... RAHMLOVE theme is getting its send ups in the city of 'The Second City'... 'Listen, girlfriend, promise me you won't stay with this guy. He's just no good for you...'

As the Chicago mayoral election of 2015 goes into its final week, it's clear the mayor is getting more and more desperate. Yesterday, a guy we hadn't seen in four years, the old precinct captain from the days when Pat Levar was the Alderman of the 45th Ward, showed up at my door to ask me to vote for Rahm. "But you live in the suburbs..." Yeah. Yeah. But the money's good. Rahm is spending his millions, along with the millions in his satellite funds (Chicago Forward, DFER) to try and offset his losses with propaganda.

After scabbing for Rahm Emanuel during the Chicago Teachers Strike of 2012, Unite HERE, once a union, doubles down for Rahm with its 2015 "Rahm Love" campaign.There are lots of funny scenes in addition to our old buddy the former precinct captain doing his job going door-to-door on our blocks in the 45th Ward. But the funniest of all are those RAHM LOVE commercials from the scabs at Unite HERE (I say scabs because what was left of them crossed the CTU picket lines in September 2012, so I'm not just fulminating). What's truly cool, I'm hearing from my friends across town, is that it's backfiring each time. Chuy wins the Thursday debate with the aplomb of Harold Washington, then Bobby Rush breaks out of his mystical addled religious opportunism to claim that Chuy isn't Harold. (Well, whatever Bobby was doing back then, and I've mercifully forgotten, maybe he remembers that Harold was not 'HAROLD!' in the real world either, but.... but at least Chuy was there with Harold, while Rahm was improving his pas des deux....

Anyway, the funniest RAHM LOVE commentary we've read is worth sharing, from "Chicago Public Fools" blog:

Rahm Love? That's the kind where you need to see a therapist

Rahm Love? That's the kind where you need to see a therapist

Rahm Love? This is really a thing?

A recent series of short tv spots focus on the love that Rahm has for the members of hospitality workers' union UNITE HERE Local 1, and their mad crush right back.

"Rahm Love feeds my kids and respects my work."

"We didn't wait for him, Rahm came to us."

"It's how the mayor fights for us.....We have Rahm Love."

But can they be sure? Can they be really certain of Rahm's love? Rahm's Rahm Love?

I don't know. After watching these spots I want to call those union hospitality workers and offer them some unsolicited advice. You know, girlfriend to girlfriend.

They've got to break up with this dude. Because Rahm Love is just not the kind you brag about.

Rahm Love is the kind of love that'll have you constantly whining and despondent with your friends. So desperate for guidance you might find yourself writing letters to advice columnists. In such a state of confusion you're questioning your sanity. It's the kind that will make your friends all whisper behind your back.

Rahm Love is when your partner lies to you all the time but he's so good at it that you're never quite sure what's true and what's a lie. (note: all claims listed below are everlovin' Rahm Love lies)

"Increased graduation rate"

"Lowest homicide rate in 56 years"

"2 hours of art per week in every school"

"Closing 50 schools necessary because of underutilization"

Rahm Love is when your lover cheats on you with flashier, prettier, richer partners. So embarrassing!

his fellow plutocrats like supersexy Ken Griffin, trendy Eric Lefkosky, and techy Deborah Quazzo

his on again/off again bestie Bruce Rauner

actually, all of Chicago's elites

Rahm Love is being with someone who breaks promise after promise and still you hang on, waiting for the promise he keeps.

"All kids from closed schools will go to better schools"

"We'll hire more police officers"

"I'll listen to aldermen on decisions affecting wards"

Rahm Love is having a partner who talks big and has a huge ego and is a little embarrassing to be with at parties because he has this habit of going on and on about himself.

Rahm Love is being with someone who harbors contempt for you despite his occasional sweet talk. Respect? You wonder about that, when it will come. But you can wait. And really, you do need to change--maybe he'll respect you when you really do start doing things right.

Rahm Love doesn't listen, doesn't acknowledge your needs, and never does what you want to do. Rahm Love doesn't want to meet your family and won't introduce you to his friends. Rahm Love bickers, belittles, and puts you down, all while telling you how many favors he's doing you and how lucky you are to have him.

Rahm Love? It's more like Wrong Love.

Listen, girlfriend, promise me you won't stay with this guy. He's just no good for you.