Chicago Board of Education continues roiling its finance offices with the appointment of the sixth 'Chief Financial Officer' in as many years

It's not precisely a game of musical chairs, because the person who get the chair also gets a significant salary, and the most recent "loser" usually qualifies for a decent pension -- or another job in "education." Everyone remembers Diana Ferguson, Melanie Shaker, Pedro Martinez, Beth Swanson, and, most recently Peter Rogers. The listing of the CFOs of CPS gives an indication of how difficult it must be for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to find a person who is willing to replicate the fictions that will be passed along as financial fact in the nation's third largest school system.

Ginger Ostro presented to the Board of Education at its April 23, 2013 meeting (above). At the Board's May 28, 2014 meeting she was promoted from Budget Director to Chief Financial Officer. Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.And so, on May 28, 2014, the Chicago Board of Education appointed Ginger Ostro the latest CFO and thanked Peter Rogers for his lengthy service. Rogers had been appointed CFO at an annual salary of $195,000 per year at the September 2012 Board meeting.

At the time it voted to appoint Ostro, the Board did not indicate why her salary was $15,000 per year less than that of her predecessor. Nor has the Board indicated whether it would be revealing its proposed 2014 - 2015 budget in June, as it's supposed to. Rogers has tried to get the Board aligned with its past practices in releasing its proposed budget in June for public consideration prior to the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30. Generally, the Board has been releasing its proposed budget at the last minute, in August, as the Board has done to avoid the kind of financial accountability that is supposed to be a major part of a $6 billion public operation.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of a resolution appointing Ginger Ostro, who had been serving as budget director for CPS, to the post of Chief Financial Officer at an annual salary of $180,000. Ostro is replacing Peter Rogers, who had been serving as CFO for less than two years.

Rogers's predecessor was Malanie Shaker, who served for less than two years.

The May 28, 2014 Board Report making Ginger Ostro Chief Financial Officer. She had previously served as Budget Director, and before that she had worked for ISBE. Prior to Mealnie Shaker, the Board has Diana Ferguson as its CFO. Ferguson served for less than two years.

During the final days of the administration of Arne Duncan, the Board's CFO was Pedro Martinez. After his time in finances in Chicago, Martinez was appointed to an educational leadership position in Nevada thanks to his connections through the Broad Foundation and his Chicago experiences. He has never taught in a Chicago classroom or served as an administrator at the local school level in Chicago. He came to CPS from City Hall.