Video depicts overcrowding at Wildwood Elementary School, shows CPS lies about capacity and overcrowding

The "Apples to Apples" group that has been doing research exposing the lies of the Chicago Public Schools has a delightful video showing the reality of Wildwood Elementary School, on the city's far northwest side. The URL for the video is:

As the claims of CPS about "utilization" have continued throughout the 2012 - 2013 school year, a growing number of parents, community leaders and others have organized to research and challenge the claims coming out of CPS. CPS claims have not only been debunked by union teachers, the Chicago Teachers Union, and traditional critics, but by a new group of organizations, virtually all established during the past three years.

Even the Chicago Tribune discovers, when it looks, that the claims of CPS officials are simply deceptions, and the official statements of CPS simplistic talking points. On May 17, 2013, the print edition of the Tribune devoted a major story to challenging the claims of CPS. The URL for the latest Tribune story is,0,2332919.story?track=rss

Lurking behind the challenges is the fact that the administration of Barbara Byrd Bennett has been destroying the human infrastructure of CPS itself. The majority of executives hired since Rahm Emanuel became mayor and appointed his new Board of Education in 2011 have come from out of town, with no knowledge of Chicago and its schools or communities. Barbara Byrd Bennett herself was working in Detroit to destroy that city's public school system a little over one year ago, when she was hired by Chicago, probably on the recommendation of the Broad Foundation. Her predecessor, Jean Claude Brizard, was imported into Chicago by Emanuel from Rochester New York. Each of them continued the purge of experienced and veteran educators within the school system and their replacement with out of towners who have been characterized more and more as mercenaries by Chicagoans.