MEIDA WATCH: Tribune's blogger Russo gets it wrong again -- pushing charters where none are wanted!

Substance generally ignores the Tribune's longest pontificating blogger, Alexander Russo of the always pretentious "District", but now and then it's worth stopping by to get a reminder of how irrelevant irrelevancies can be. Yesterday, in the Trib's relentless promotion of union busting, Russo preached about the need for charter "choice" in all parts of town.

Here it is, verbatim: "I haven't seen the application and don't know if TOS has it all together, but I'm struck by the lack of quality options for parents in Rogers Park and the absence in Chicago of any of the socioeconomically diverse charter schools that are beginning to provide options for parents in other big city districts where the magnet and selective enrollment options are few. Disclosure: I know co-founder Ari Frede through the Old Town Music School and a handful of mutual friends..."

We won't hold it against the Old Town School, but they should be more careful about the friends they choose and the union-busting "quality options" they come up with.