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Anti-imperialist website in Bangladesh links to Substance review of Allen book on white supremacy

An anti-imperialist website in Bangladesh has linked to the recently published Substance review of Ted Allen's two-volume book on white supremacy.

Someone in Bengladesh read it! . . .

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BOOK REVIEW: Two Volume study shows how the 'White Race' was invented, racial slavery became established in colonial America, and the consequences for working class organizing in the USA

“I ask indulgence for only one assumption, namely that while some people may desire to be masters, all persons are born equally unwilling and unsuited to be slaves.” The Invention of the White Race (I, . . .

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Challenging the TFA mythologies

I sent this note to Tim Wise after reading Bruce Dixon's article in Black Agenda Report and Tim Wise's response which is posted on his website.

From: Sean Ahern, . . .

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The March 27, 2013 Daley Plaza Rally -- A Tale of Two Unions (Chicago and New York)

As a New York City public school teacher visiting family in Chicago over the spring break, I attended Wednesday’s (March 27, 2013) rally in Daley Plaza. More than 5,000 people came on a week’s notice . . .

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NEW YORK REPORT: A teacher, reporting from Lower Manhattan on the situation in New York City after Sandy

Dear Substance Comrades... My family and I are doing fine. We live on the lower east side in Manhattan, below 34th St. where power, out since Monday evening, started to come back on Friday around . . .

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New Yorkers form 'MORE' in honor of CORE... '$665 was raised at the meeting for the CTU Solidarity Fund...' Support meeting for the CTU held in New York City

It was standing room only Thursday evening, August 23, 2012, as seventy five education and labor activists packed a room at the City University of New York’s Murphy Center for Labor Studies on 43rd Street . . .

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NEWS ANALYSIS: New York teachers' union members explore 'State of the Union'

Budget cuts, school closings and charter co –locations have pitted NYC school staff, parents, students and community leaders against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his appointees in sharply contested public hearings this fall . . .

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Letter: The need to read the Introduction to Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"

‘Shock Doctrine’ links destruction of New Orleans schools and privatization...

September 9, 2007


I thought your readers might be interested in the following excerpt from Naomi Klein’s new book “The Shock . . .

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