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Despite an 'F' grade by U.S. Department of Education researchers, MAP testing sucking dollars and time out of Chicago kids' learning and teachers' teaching.... Resistance meeting to be held January 24 on Chicago's South Side

Before looking to see if it would be beneficial to students, CPS, along with school districts across the country, has once again, jumped into the latest testing fad, NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association). The U.S. Department . . .

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LETTER: Value added presentation in Chicago

I wanted you to know this info and share with readers. Battelle for Kids is making a lot of money, because school systems around the country are using value added as part of teacher evaluation. . . .

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CTU Research Director Carol Caref explains origins of 'The Schools Chicago's Students Deserve'

As teachers, we experience on a daily basis both joy and frustration. Joy from our students and knowing the important role we play in their lives; frustration because our students deserve so much more from . . .

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CVCA hearing notes, February 2, 2012

Raw notes below. I stopped taking notes towards the end because I had to think about what I was going to say. Basically I said that the teachers, students, parents and alumni who had testified . . .

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The data show CPS is running a racist system

[Remarks to the June 23, 2010 Chicago Board of Education meeting]. My name is Carol Caref, and I’m a mathematics teacher at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. Because this administration likes to emphasize data, I’m going . . .

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CORE turned in CTU nominating petitions with more than 3,000 signatures at deadline March 23

On March 23, 2010, CORE submitted over 3,000 signatures, more than twice the number needed to qualify for placement on the May 21st CTU election ballot. CORE presidential candidate Karen Lewis and CORE Area A . . .

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Firing veteran teachers and replacing them with novices does not make educational sense

[Editor's note: The following are the remarks prepared for delivery at the July 22, 2009 meeting of the Chicago Board of Education. These remarks were provided to Substance by Ms. Caref. In the event that . . .

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CORE secured 'hardship' forms for Chicago teachers during May 1 payroll debacle

By the end of February, most members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) knew that the Chicago Public Schools, with CTU agreement, had pushed pay dates back a week on May 1, 2009. That delyed . . .

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How Can Chicago Hold Back One Week's Pay From All Employees This Friday (May 1, 2009)?

Teachers and other school employees are outraged that CPS is “messing with our money” and that the current CTU leadership is letting them. CPS is changing the timing of our pay. Up to now, we . . .

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Math and NCLB… No Child Left Behind's High-Stakes Testing has particularly adverse effects on the math teaching and learning of low-income students of color

[Written as part of a program at the Illinois Institute of Technology. April, 2007. Carol Caref also teaches at Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School in Chicago]


NCLB has made . . .

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Letter: Military recruiting pitch is racist

May 25, 2007

Why do we have ROTC and Military Academies in the Chicago Public Schools? As we know, the army is currently conducting a brutal war against the Iraqi people which has resulted . . .

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