BOARDWATCH: Report barred from December 8 Board of Education meeting covers protests in the lobby of Board headquarters

I went to the Chicago Board of Education's December 6, 2017 meeting, but could not get in. Security was very tight, and I was told that the meeting was "filled to capacity." The lobby was packed with students and other protesting the Board's plans. The students said that they were hoping to talk to the board about closing high schools and how it would impact their schools, communities and families.

While I was there an alderman, I think from Harper High School community, wanted five students to come to the Board and share. The rest of us called the Mayor at 312-744-3300 as we were asked to ask that the students' concerns be heard. Many people I asked the Mayor to talk to the students and community and figure out another plan. Some of the teachers felt that they were making a difference. When I left, three school buses were there to pick up students. Most of the students seemed to be from Harper High School.