Neighborhood Schools Picnic builds on the Neighborhood Schools Fair

The second of Chicago's "Neighborhood Schools" events is taking place in two weeks, on May 24, 2014, at McKinley Park, Chicago. During the winter, Chicago's real public school parents and teachers are now coming together to do a "Neighborhood Schools Fair" to highlight the hypocrrisy of the Board of Education charter schools event, which is held annually in January to help charter schools recruit kids from the city's most challenging communities.

Flyer for the May 24 event.Unlike the corporate charter schools activities in January (held at the Soldier Field United Lounge and hosted by Chicago's corporate elite), the neighborhood schools fair is actually about the real public schools across Chicago, and the number of schools represented is growing.

Neighborhood Schools Picnic. Saturday, May 24, 10-2, McKinley Park Fieldhouse, 2210 W. Pershing Rd (39th St)

Celebrate Chicago's NEIGHBORHOOD schools! This event brought to you by Chicago neighborhood schools' parents!